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I qualified as an accountant and registered my Accounting practice (Middleton & Co., Accountants) in 1978, so I have almost 40 years experience in all things financial. I now concentrate solely on the preparation of Perfect Wills, and never delegate any part of the process in the preparation of your Will(s). I reside and operate my practice in Birmingham, West Midlands. Due to demand from persons living outside the "Greater-Birmingham" district, where face-to-face meetings are financially impractical, I have now introduced my personal service online to those who require it anywhere, anytime!

My Online Wills service is NOT a "pop-up D.I.Y., service," as the content of every Will Submission is carefully scrutinised and considered by me, and if I have any misgivings about clarity or possible misunderstanding of any part(s) of your Will Submission details, I will contact you (at no extra cost) to be sure everything is as it should be. I try to avoid the "legal jargon" with Clients, and only use it in the drafting and final production of the Will, to comply with legal requirements. The process of the Online Will(s) option is easy to complete, and takes only a few minutes. It is the perfect solution for swift easy preparation for a "straightforward" Will, and even to make a more complex Will.

My Wills: are worded using tried and tested legal precedents and are ideal for all circumstances including if you are Single, Widowed, Divorced, Married, Separated or Cohabiting. All Wills include Revocation, Appointment of Executors, Guardianship if required, Distribution of your Estate, Any Gifts etc., and Funeral Wishes if required, and anything else you wish, providing it is possible.

However complicated: You no longer have to consider "how to make a Will" as I will provide you with a fast highly professional straight forward service by telephone, online, or face-to-face meeting, in the privacy of your own home, at a fixed fee and very importantly the pages of your Will are laser-printed on high quality ivory 150 gsm paper, and are thermally bound together to make it fully legal in a clear fronted protective cover. This also presents your Will professionally and protects it for many years until it is needed. With each Will provided, full easily understood instructions for the signing of your Will(s) is provided. We also strongly advise keeping your Will(s) in a safe place.

So what are some of the consequences of dying without a Will?

Fact: If you do not make a Will even your life insurance policies may not be paid until probate has been granted unless they are written into trust! (Probate will take many months, sometimes two or three years to be granted!) that could lead to mortgage arrears or even repossession!

Fact: If your Children are orphaned and you have not appointed a guardian in a Will then Social Services or judge can decide who looks after them including allocating them to Foster Parents!

Fact: If you do not make a Will, your spouse or family may have to employ a solicitor to sort out the mess of dying without making a Will! They would be lucky to get change out of £5,000 and in all probability the solicitor's bill may make a mess out of £10,000 for the average property owning family.

Excuses: Most people work hard to provide a home for their family so why do those same people put off the task of making a Will and risk their families security? You pay thousands of pounds every year in mortgage or rent year after year but refuse to pay a few hundred pounds for something that probably only has to be dealt with once or twice in a lifetime for most people! Here are the most common excuses that I regularly listen to!

1. "Writing a Will is tempting fate": One in three adults in Britain have already written a Will - so if writing one has fatal results the population would soon be reduced by 18 million people! In fact, the British annual death rate is surprisingly stable.

2. "I just haven't got round to it": This is normally because the job doesn't rate high enough on a list of priorities. If the roof leaks, no matter how tight your finances, you get it fixed fast!.

3. "My wife / husband / Children will get everything when I die anyway! wont they"? Not necessarily!

By making a Will: you determine precisely who will inherit your property and assets. Equally important, you can determine who your executors will be to administer your estate and who will act as guardian for any minor children you have, if they are left without a surviving parent.

Without a valid Will: you cannot control who will inherit your property after your death and, your property will be distributed according to law which is likely to be inconsistent with your personal wishes.

You can: also, when you make your Will, use it to express your preferences for burial or cremation and for donating organs or your entire body for medical purposes. In addition, making a specialist Will gives you the opportunity of protecting your home against possible future care home costs this is particularly important if you wish to protect your beneficiaries inheritance.

When you die: leaving a valid Will that appoints executors who are still living at the time of your death legal ownership of all your property passes automatically to those executors and in order to prove that they have the right to deal with your property and they must apply for a legal document confirming their right to do so from the probate registry this process is called obtaining probate.

Payment: Is only required after you receive your Will(s) you can then send a cheque, pay into bank direct or come back to this web site and securely pay by debit or credit card Via Pay Pal. If you prefer my "money-saving" online prepaid offer to make a Will, please read the suggestions contained in the Online Will Writing Instructions before proceeding to my online form, and upon receipt I will verify the contents, and phone you if necessary, to clarify your exact requirements, prior to preparation of your document(s).

Current Fees
Single Wills - Normally £85.00 - or prepaid Current Online Promotion £55.00
Pair of Wills Normally £145.00 - or prepaid Current Online Promotion £85.00
Protective Property Trusts Normally £185.00 - or prepaid Current Promotion £150.00

(A standard fee for home-visit in the Greater-Birmingham area is £30, but this can be waived under our current promotion in exchange for 3 fruitful referrals.)

To Add My Website To Your Favourites, simply click "ctrl-d" on your keyboard.

After Sales: I am at your service after any purchase without obligation. If you are good enough to allow me to be of service to you, I will be available at any time to help you, next week, next year! I aim to keep my service with a 100% client satisfaction rate, so that you will recommend me to your friends and family for many years to come.

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