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RevocationProfessor Graham Middleton - Honourary Life Member - The Master Guild Of Will WritersRevocation

All my Wills contain a standard/customised revocation clause, to prevent an earlier Will being considered.
Revocation is the act of recall or annulment. It is the reversal of an act, the recalling of a grant, or the making void of some deed previously existing

Perfect Wills contain a general revocation clause by which the person(s) making the Will expressly revokes all previous Wills. A revocation clause may revoke all or only one or several previous Wills. Although Perfect Wills never rely on an "implied revocation," it would arise where a later Will is inconsistent with an earlier Will. A simple example of this would be:

On Sarah's death, the executors find two Wills.
(i) A Will dated 12 June 1999, that contains the clause 'All my goods to George'
(ii) A Will dated 04 September 2012 that contains the clause 'All my goods to Liam'
If the later Will was not worded to revoke the earlier Will, it would still do so by implication because
(a) it contradicts Sarah's earlier Will, and
(b) it is the later expression of Sarah’s intention.

In this instance, Liam would inherit all Sarah's goods.

For further details, please contact me.
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